Teach Well and Maintain Your Sanity


Thank you so much for following me here from my guest blogging spot and taking the time to learn more about my eBook "Teach Well and Maintain Your Sanity".

Are you feeling frustrated with your teaching job? Looking for ways to better control student behavior? Interested in ways to grab your students' attention and keep it?

The eBook comes in PDF, .mobi and .ePub formats so you can read it on the computer, phone, Kindle, Kobo, etc. All reader formats are supported.

From this book you will learn:

• about the hiring process so you can land that job.

• about the process of effective teaching.

• how to be a more effective communicator to your students.

• about specific techniques I use to help students overcome their misconceptions so that they may acquire knowledge more efficiently.

• how to hook your students interests from the start, thus spending less class time getting your students engaged in the lesson.

• how to deal with classroom issues when things go wrong because they will.

• the most effective ways to deal with behavior problems as well as students who just don’t care.

• that pencil and paper tests aren’t always the way to go.

• how to effectively and easily, utilize technology in your classroom even if that isn’t a strength of yours.

• how to maintain your sanity over a long career and avoid the burnout which affects so many teachers early in their career and unfortunately, causes them to leave the profession.


"Teach Well and Maintain Your Sanity" Complete Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Teach well and impassion your students so they enjoy learning

Chapter 2 – Pre-service teaching – how to develop your teaching skills

Chapter 3 – The interview – get that job

Chapter 4 – Once the teaching has begun

Chapter 5 – Day-to-day lessons – how to effectively communicate content to your students

Chapter 6 – Dealing with student misconceptions

Chapter 7 – Order in the classroom – behavior management strategies

Chapter 8 – Assessing student knowledge – find out what your students really know and reduce your marking

Chapter 9 – Utilizing technology in the classroom

Chapter 10 – How to prevent burnout and maintain your sanity



Reader Testimonials:

"This ebook is filled with valuable advice and tips for a teacher of any age and/or experience. It is filled with lots of great personal experiences that are easy to learn from, and apply to your own journey as a teacher."

Kristin Rivera a.k.a. One Stop Teacher Shop - Teacher of Grades 3-5, 8 Years Teaching Experience


"I appreciate a teacher who can tell it like it is in a profession that takes a lot of personal time. You give real examples of how teachers need to facilitate and lead students to think instead of telling them the answers. Teaching is teaching from kindergarten all the way to twelfth; we need students to want to continue learning long after they've left our classrooms. You give teachers a lot to think about.”

Tracy Doverspike - Kindergarten and STEM Teacher, 23 Years Teaching Experience


"Teach Well And Maintain Your Sanity is an invaluable resource for all educators, offering words of wisdom from a teacher "who has been around the block". Those who are just beginning their careers, whether still in teacher's college or in their own classrooms, will especially appreciate the guidance offered throughout the book."

Susan McCourt-Bolduc - Teacher of Grades 1-6, 31 Years Teaching Experience


“Devon Ferguson has definitely ‘been around the block’. He writes in such a way that teachers, both experienced and new, can benefit from reading his book. His style is easy to read, relaxed, and even humorous at times. He keeps the reader engaged and is always to the point.

His style of teaching is plainly that of an experienced yet modern man. Devon clearly stays up to date with the latest teaching trends. Each chapter is filled with actual, hands-on examples anyone can easily incorporate into their own teaching style. The examples he includes of how to teach are well thought out. The fact that he also includes specific examples (case studies) of what to teach is a great bonus. He has a lot more to offer than just boring pedagogy!

When boiled down to its three main concepts, Teach Well and Maintain Your Sanity has hit the nail on the head; be awesome, Learn from those around you, and be a positive role model.”

David Hill - Math and Physics Teacher, 12 Years Teaching Experience


"Teach Well and Maintain Your Sanity is as helpful as its title! This e-book has many helpful chapters including how to interview for a teaching job and what to do once the teaching has begun! There are helpful behavior management strategies, as well as useful time-saving tips. A terrific read for all educators!"

Kathie Yonemura - 4th Grade Teacher, 29 Years Teaching Experience


"Love the style. It's very accessible. The author avoids using technical terms and writes a very practical book."

Sean Kao


This book isn’t about textbook pedagogy or curriculum. I’ll leave that for the bureaucrats and other educational policy makers. Instead, it will:

• be straight to the point.

• provide you with some ideas and tips that I wish I had received earlier in my career.

• give you something that you can take away and use immediately in your classroom.


Devon - Teach With Fergy

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Teach Well and Maintain Your Sanity